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Complete uncertainty among the authorities and the elite is in the knockdown mode. Everyone understands that it will hurt, a huge number of unresolved problems, but few understand (if anyone understands at all) what to do and where to go.
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The gas crisis in Europe flares up with renewed vigor. Freeport LNG (operator of one of the largest U.S. LNG plants) said the plant will remain inactive until September 2022 due to a fire last week, with a gradual recovery through the end of the year.
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The Ruble has become the fastest growing currency on the planet
The ruble has become the fastest growing currency on the planet since the start of the  special military operation (SMO)  in Ukraine. Surprisingly, "the world broke down" after the start of the SMO - all currencies crashed against the dollar and only the ruble is growing. It makes no sense to compare to any of the dates in March, because the ruble will be better than all other currencies due to the base effect, so I took the cutoff 4 days before the SMO.
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For Contractors
Dear Customers,
we have created a new section for building contractors who provide glass fittings for new administrative and residential buildings. Here are various options for glazing of the exterior of buildings, elevators, canopies and fences.
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Biloba Hydraulic  Glass Door Hinges of Colcom
The product is intended for swinging glass doors. The Colcom's Biloba Evo  hinge allows you to equip glass doors with a self-closing function without the need for additional door closers. The hydraulic mechanism is located in the body of the hinge, therefore it is invisible. As a result, the entire installation looks more modern and aesthetic. 
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